Testable leJOS

What is it?

Testable leJOS is a collection of Java classes that wrap the leJOS NXJ API in a way that allows easy test-driven development (TDD) of robot code with JUnit.

Why is it needed?

In order to do TDD, we need to instantiate classes (motors, sensors, buttons, etc.) without deep dependencies on the embedded robot environment. But the leJOS classes unfortunately do a lot of setup work in their constructors, calling native robot code. Each leJOS TDD wrapper has a reference to the corresponding leJOS class, so a fake version of the wrapper (to be used in tests) can simply bypass instantiation of the underlying leJOS class and its low-level dependencies.


Please Support This Project Your donation will be used to buy parts for building robots for the Middle School kids at Montessori Family School, or for maintaining the classroom computers and/or software. Be generous! And thanks!

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